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Old photo of Dell Road

+ our history

Grace Church was planted from City Church, Birmingham on Easter Sunday 2007. Before that we had met for about 6 months as Community groups – forming sgtrong friendships as we studied, prayed and planned to plant.

Grace Church began because of our conviction of the need desire to planting churches across the whole city. At the time City church, had also out-grown it’s premises and people were leaving! It was time to either find a bigger place to meet, or hive off a number to begin something new. They went for the latter.

Those who planted with us came for different reasons. The majority came because they lived in, and wanted to reach, their locality. They wanted a gospel church locally that they could invite neighbours and local friends along to. A church that would serve that particular area.

At first we meet on Sunday afternoons as ‘a 4 O’clock congregation’ in the Brethren Gospel Hall.

From there we started Streetsoul, Monday club and Noah’s Ark (our weekly stay and play). These have been great opportunities to build bridges with our local community, as well as enabling us to talk about Jesus.

In early 2008 Dell Road Church kindly asked us to take on the running of their family service at 11am. We like to say we began ‘courting’ and in 2011 we ‘got married’ and from the two churches came Grace Church Dell Road. Culturally we came from very different places so, as with any relationship, sensitivity and compromise is necessary but we’re thrilled to have the wisdom and experience of senior Christians Sunday by Sunday.

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