Easter Adventure Map & Clues

You’re booked in that’s great!

But before you leave make sure to download your SECRET mission map with clues below. Missions have to be completed in clue order, otherwise the secret password to unlock the treasure at the end won’t work. Each clue reveals a number or letter, in order these make a password to unlock the location of the hidden treasure. Don’t worry if you struggle to find any, you can always check out the clue photos for an additional hint to help you solve your quest.

SECRET MAP & CLUES  (download click here).


Please remember:

  • According to current COVID regulations you must only take part in the Easter Adventure in groups comprising of 2 households or 6 individuals.
  • Please turn up on time to help the flow of people and to prevent groups meeting, there is a 15 minute staggered start between groups to help facilitate this.
  • Please remember to keep your distance from others when taking part in this event.
  • Please leave any clues behind for other teams to find.
  • Please ensure that all children and young people are supervised appropriately whilst taking part in this event.
  • You take part in this event at your own risk. Grace Church Stirchley accepts no liability for any injuries caused to you or others or any loss or damage to items as a result of taking part in this event.